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Best anime download sites. Age is not a matter to watch animation movies. I will see Tom and Jerry and some more animation movies now. Interest is the main thing, to watch anime movies. So, you too are an anime lover. Have you ever wondered where and how I download my favourite anime? Which anime download site I prefer? Struggling with the search results on Google is not always a good idea. For my friends who do not know about anime, I must tell that anime is Japanese animation cartoon series cartoon series with some sense, unlike other cartoon shows in India and America, Japanese anime is used to depict some serious issues and convey meaningful things. Known for the stunning graphics and endless series, anime has fascinated the youth and is preferred by many for entertainment.

Do you know the best spot to website watch and download anime for free? You may find a bit or a glimpse of your favourite anime show on YouTube, Facebook, etc. But if you want to download the latest of the series then you would need a solution to give you best watching experience. In this post, I will enlighten your mind about the top 10 best anime download sites to watch animation movies. Watching anime is going to be more reliable now.

Best Anime Download Sites | Watch Animation Movies Free

Technology has done wonders again and again. For anime, many sites have dedicated their time and effort to put up a site that is both desktop and mobile optimised and let you watch and download the latest series of your anime for free. The Internet is full of innovation and social service with countless useful sites, but we have researched the worth for you.

Note: All the websites mentioned here, are for educational or information purpose only. We will not encourage you to watch animation movies all time without purchase version.

List of Free Websites to Watch Animation Movies


Thanks to our blog visitor for recommending an amazing site where one can download entire anime series in a bulk. It’s basically a torrent aggregator, so all you need is a torrent client and torrent file.  This is another good anime download site, in fact, a torrent anime download site, and a forum where you can get engaged in meaningful talks and chat with other anime fans and find out and download anime episode from torrent for offline watching. By animetosho we can watch animation movies for free in our devices.

Though the site has almost every possible anime and provides downloading anime via direct download with the help of file hosting service the user interface is not that appealing, but you can use the search bar at the top left to locate the series that you want to download.


This anime download website site links you to the torrent or offers you direct download in highest possible quality- 720p, 1080p, HD BD, most importantly Dual audio and subbed version. The Blue ray section has the best quality animes. This is the reason that this site deserves to be the part of this list. The site also separates the latest and completed series by putting tags “on-going” and “completed”. This watch animation movies site has great interface.

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Chia-anime is a free anime download website that will enable you to access all of your favourite anime series for free. The site is must visit because of the dedication the site shows; the site updates the episodes of the anime 10 times faster than any other site, and update frequency is very high. This site offers English dubbed anime in high-quality and can be easily downloaded with a single click.

4. is an anime download website that allows you to stream watch and download anime in HD 720p and SD 480p quality. If you are an anime lover like me, you will feel lucky to have this site because you will not have to run from site to site to chase the latest update of your favourite series because this site includes a very special feature known as the “release schedule” that will save you from wasting your time. This is the reason that this site deserves to be the part of this list.


It is a website where you can download the latest episodes of your favorite Anime series. Here the latest updates are posted on the homepage, but you can still search for your favorite shows in the search bar. By clicking on your selected episode, you will be taken to a page where you can find the full description of your selected episode along with the synopsis and the download links. The episodes can be downloaded in either 480p or 720p.


This anime downloading site is quite user-friendly and convenient as it allows an anime lover to go through all the on-going or new series as well as helps them to discover new shows which they might like. This website allows the user to stream the episodes or download them in 720p.  The website also serves as a platform to watch anime movies or even famous cartoon shows. Now, download link could be pulled using the modern download manager like IDM.


This website is a user-friendly website which allows the viewers to easily find their favorite anime shows in the on-going or completed or about to start, as seen in the different sections of the website. The website also has a separate section for news where they notify the users about technical difficulties or delays or even updates. The episodes can either be downloaded directly or through torrent links provided by this website.


Anime-Planet is an extremely popular website to watch and download anime movies online. They have got a special category designed and reserved for the same. One can easily search their favorite anime movies in the search bar and start watching or downloading for free. This website is at par standards in terms of popularity and quality contents. Also, if you’re a Manga fan as well, this site has a special Manga category where you’ll find all the Manga series and episodes available for your free watch and download.


This site has an amazing ethnic and classic style, with straight directional content over it. Its brief organization of database simplifies most of the things for its users.  Soul anime solely offers anime movies and series for free download. It might have some other anime series as well, which aren’t available effortlessly on any other sites. It provides third party videos, which makes it a little less responsive. However, the overall service is good considering the cartoons and series collection.

10. Crunchyroll

The benefit of this site is that it is a legal website and offers all the cartoon videos to watch online or download for free. You won’t need any prerequisites to access this website. It works just the same as that of your PS4 and Xbox. You’ll love the way these animated videos turn out on Crunchy roll web site that too, for free. They do provide both the offers which are, premium and free access to anime videos, either way; you have an unlimited amount of database to make use of.

Wrapping Up

Here as a result we have mentioned you a list of websites to watch animation movies for free and download. Up to my knowledge i gave you a clear information about the entire article. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. If you feel this article is helpful to someone, please share it. Thank you.


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