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Playbox HD app. Explore the awesome features, and installing methods of PlayBox HD free app on your android and iOS devices

Those were the times when I bought a new laptop and an android mobile. As like any other movies lover, I used to search for different sources to watch movies online (for hours sometimes). After a lot of struggling, I had managed to collect a list of some useful websites that fulfilled my entertainment needs for the next couple of years. But I had to face some irritating problems in the process, like:

  • • I couldn’t find all my beloved movies in a single website and I had to search in different websites in my list (which was “OK in the beginning but turns into time wasting thing” for time being),
  • There was no “DOWNLOAD” option for many of my favorite movies, and more importantly, even if there was a “DOWNLOAD” option, they asked for money (amount was not at all reasonable) to download them.
  • Since I am a HD lover, I was frustrated due to the low clarity streaming in some websites,
  • Had to spend a lot of money for better internet connection (I didn’t want to buffer my movies).

playbox hd app


I believe each and every entertainment freak must have faced at least a single problem before finding their quest to one stop solution for their entertainment needs. This happens mostly due to the lack of knowledge (which was the case for me) on available sources. We don’t want anybody face the same problem again and that is the reason for sharing our knowledge in this article.

FORTUNATELY, the birth of android and iOS, opened the gates of heaven to the app developers and they have been contributing a lot to the entertainment industry too. Lots of entertainment applications are out there in the internet. I have heard of big names like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and more but you have to spend money (very reasonable for what they provide) to access their services after the FREE trial period. But as like any human being, I searched for FREE apps through which I can watch unlimited movies online without spending a single penny. Luckily, they too exist.

I have come across some popular FREE apps, but I stopped at PlayBox HD app which is an astonishing movies app for FREE. It has awesome features that every entertainment lover would want for. If you have an android device (Mobile/Tablet) or an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod), then its definitely worth having PlayBox HD app on it. Here I would like to share some of PlayBox HD’s awesome features :

Play Box HD Features

• It has a simple and attracting user interface,
• Coolest and huge collection of movies and TV shows,
• Huge sub-categories of different genres,
• Stream movies and TV shows as you like/as per the internet speed constraint (choose from 360p, 720p and 1080p),
• You can download your favorite movies with your desired resolution (720/1080p if you have light speed internet connection, else 360p for moderate internet speeds)
• You can connect to your mobile with your Smart TV HDMI for bigger resolution experience,
• One of the most attracting features is Kids Mode, by enabling it you can stream content without the fear of adult content,
• Most importantly, all of the above features are completely for FREE.

Note : Many apps do require flash player or other plugins to work on some devices (for example on android and iPhone), but PlayBox HD doesn’t require any third party application to work.

After knowing its astonishing features, now tell me guys, if it is not worthy having it installed on your pocket friend??? It has been one of the best ShowBox alternatives, and is on demand FREE movies app at present. What are you waiting for? Just invest 5 minutes of your time and you may find your best entertainment companion. We have explained installation processes for both android and iOS below. Please follow some simple steps to install in your respected device (android/iPhone).

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Install Play Box HD App on Android (Mobile/Tablet)

Since, the PlayBox HD app is not available at Google Play Store, you need to download it from their official website or from any other reliable websites. Follow the below simple steps to download the app. Firstly, make sure your android device allows un-trusted apps to be installed. To do so, just follow given simple steps:

• Click on Settings
• Go to App Manager
• Click on Install
• Select Allow Apps from other Sources to be Installed checkbox
• Finally, Download PlayBox HD app and Install it

playbox hd appplaybox hd app






• Click on Settings
• Go to Security
• Tick on Unknown resources checkbox
• Finally, Download PlayBox HD app and Install it

After you click on PlayBox HD app, if you encounter this message “Once more we are sorry any inconvenience. Please update the latest app”, just click on Cancel. That’s it. Now you can stream unlimited movies and TV shows from huge sub-category lists for FREE.

NOTE : Please note that the above two are not different methods but same. Various android versions may have different interfaces.

Alternative Method : Install PlayBox Hd app for Android using PlayBox HD APK

The above method works perfectly, but having known another option maybe useful. That’s why we are presenting an alternative method to install the app using PlayBox HD APK. Follow the simple steps given below.
• Download PlayBox HD apk
• After completing the download, click on the apk file
• A pop with a message with a meaning “allow Untrusted sources to access and install the APK”. Click on Trust/OK
• After the installation is done, a pop up will appear regarding the app update. Click on Cancel

That’s it. You are done with installing the app.

playbox hd appplaybox hd app


Install Play Box HD App on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

Steps to Install PlayBox HD app on iOS
• Open Safari browser and visit this link Download PlayBox HD for iOS
• You will be given two options to Install the app. You can simply click on Install App option or you can scan the given QR code to install the app
• After you clicking on Install App/after scanning QR code, a pop up window will appear on your device asking for permission to install the app.
• Click on Install. Now PlayBox HD app will be downloaded and installed within no time.

playbox hd app

playbox hd app






That’s it. Now you can open the app and access unlimited movies, TV shows and more for FREE.


You may face difficulty while installing the app using the above simplest method. If that is the case, please follow one of the below alternative methods to install the app.

Alternative Method 1 : Install PlayBox HD on iOS using vShare

• Download vShare from App store or from its official website
• Click on Install
• Open vShare and click on Trust
• Now, type PlayBox HD in the vShare search bar and click on Search
• PlayBox HD app will be shown, Download it, and once it is done click on Install

NOTE : Please note that iOS 9+ users will receive a pop up as “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” while opening vShare. If that is the case, then go to Settings  Profile  Haiyang Yi Zhuo Fuzhuang..  Click on Trust.

Tip : Please note that, if you restart your iOS device, vShare and apps installed through vShare will crash. So, if you restart, uninstall all vShare and all apps installed through it and install them again.


playbox hd app

playbox hd app

Alternative Method 2 : Install PlayBox HD app on iOS by Switching Time Back

• Go to Setings:  General Date and Time and switch the time back to January 1st.
• Now, Download the PlayBox HD app
• After downloading, click on the app, a pop up window appears, click on Install
• A pop up with a message “Untrusted App Developer” appears, click on Trust

That’s it. Try one of the 3 methods to install the app on your iOS device and access to HD content of movies, TV shows and more for FREE.


Finally, you are the end of this informative article. We hope that you find a satisfactory solution to fill your entertainment thirst. We have given some useful information regarding the on demand entertainment app PlayBox HD and it’s installing methods on your android and iOS devices to the best of our knowledge and research abilities. Please do not hesitate to comment to ask any queries/problems regarding installation of the app. We would love to revert back to you with a solution.

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