How Much it Costs for Netflix Paid Version? Neflix Plans and Subscriptions

Netflix Plans. How much it costs for Netflix paid version? Basic Plans of subscription. Know everything you want to know about the world’s leading entertainment service provider, NETFLIX including its features, services, subscription plans & pricing, and more.

Which entertainment company has nearly 100 Million subscribers?

Which entertainment company providing its services across the globe?

Movie App that produces the highest original content?

First of all, if you were to ask such questions regarding entertainment services, my answer would be the same. That is NETFLIX. There are many entertainment service companies available out there. Some are having distinct and attractive features with them. Above all, Netflix is the undisputed king from a long time. Here in this article, we are presenting detailed information including features, subscription plans, unique characteristics about NETFLIX, exclusively for entertainment lovers. Check it out. In this article we are mainly targeted on Netflix Plans.

About Netflix

Netflix is a paid service that specializes in streaming media, video-on-demand online and DVD by mail. It has huge sub-category list which includes New Series, TV Shows, Anime, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Action and Adventure, Science & Nature and more. In addition to the above, Netflix is the largest producer of original content and has been producing 100s of hours of original content every year. You can try Netflix’s 1 month free-trial, after that you can get unlimited access for monthly subscription (paid).

Netflix Services & Features

1. Streaming

Most noteworthy, Netflix has the biggest streaming library in the world including thousands of TV series, TV shows, movies and more. You can access all of the above content with a very low monthly subscription that starts from $8.

It has made many distribution deals, film and television deals with companies like Relativity Media, DreamWorks Animation, Film District, The Weinstein Company, Sony Pictures Animation, and the Walt Disney studios and more. Thousands of the shows, movies and anime etc., made by the above sources will be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

2.DVD, Blue-ray rentals

DVD, Blue-ray rentals is one of Netflix’s most successful services. Though there are 1000s of video content is available in Netflix, you cannot find latest new releases here (this is not at all a disadvantage, while this is the case with all other entertainment service providers too). So, what if you can’t wait to watch your favorite movie soon they are released??? Netflix rental service is the perfect solution for you. You can rent your desired DVDs/Blue-rays by subscribing the rental plans that starts from $5 dollars per month. In addition to the above 2 stunning services, Netflix has some notable and awesome features. Explore them here.

3.Original Content

  “Netflix Original”, is content that is produced, co-produced, or distributed by Netflix exclusively on their services. Netflix has joined hands with reputed studios like DreamWorks Animation, Marvel Television etc., to produce original content. Netflix’s most successful original content include House of cards, Hemlock Grove, Marco Polo, BoJack Horseman, Sense8, Bloodline, Daredevil, Narcos, All Hail King Julien, The Mr.Peabody and Sherman Show, Orange Is The New Black are to mention a few.

I have to mention that, in 2016 itself Netflix had spent $5 billion for the purpose of producing original content itself. That’s why Netflix has huge list of original content in its library.

4.Commercial Free

More importantly, majority of the viewers feel annoying if they are interrupted by commercial ads while watching videos. Netflix is completely commercial free service that comes with zero additional cost along with your membership. This is the most attractive driving-factor which contributes to the Netflix’s largest subscriptions in the world (After all, who doesn’t love commercial free service for FREE!).

5.Huge Database

Above all, Netflix has a huge database of TV shows, series, episodes, movies, documentaries than any other database. You can choose your favorite content among 1000s of videos from the vast sub-category list of different genres.

6.Device Compatibility

 It has the largest device compatibility, supporting blue-ray players, home theater systems, set-top boxes, high-definition TVs, videogame consoles, tablets and mobile phones. Click this link to know about the Devices Compatible for Netflix Services

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Netflix Free Premium Accounts

Download Netflix For PC

Netflix Plans & Pricing for Subscriptions

Netflix provides 2 services namely Streaming Service and DVD, Blue-ray rental service. Each service has 3 different plans. Have a look below for plans-pricing and analysis.

List Of  Netflix Plans for Streaming Service

Plan 1 : Streaming Plans Analysis

Though, there is only $2 difference between plans, there are some notable differences between the three. You need to choose one of the above plans as per your requirements and constraints. For instance, consider the below cases,


  • If, your internet connection is not too fast and you are ok with Standard definition (SD) experience, then go for the Basic Plan.
  • Else, you have a moderate internet connection and you want to feel the High Definition (HD) experience, then go for Standard Plan.
  • Else if, you have high speed internet connection and you want to feel the Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) experience, then go for Premium Plan.

 CASE 2:

  • If, you don’t have anybody to share the subscription plan and want to enjoy alone, then Basic Plan best suits you. You can stream on only 1 screen at a time.
  • Else, you want to share your subscription with your best buddy or with a family member, Standard Plan is the choice. You can stream on 2 screens/separate devices at a time with this subscription.
  • Else if, you want to share and enjoy with three other family members, then Premium Plan is best choice for you. With this plan you can stream on 4 screens/devices at a time.

NOTE : Considering the above two cases, you need to choose the best suitable Plan for you.

Plan 2 :Subscription plans for DVD, Blue-ray rental service

Plan DVD cost Blue-ray cost No. of discs you can have at a time
Limited $5 $6 2 per month (only)
1-Disc $8 $10 1
2-Disc $12 $15 2
3-Disc $16 $20 3


Rental Plans Analysis

Unlike streaming plans, rental plans are pretty simple and straight forward. All you need to do is decide how many DVDs/Blue-rays you plan to watch per month or in a particular month. If your time doesn’t permits you to watch too many videos, then choose the 1-Disc Plan by which you can get 1 DVD/Blue-ray at a time. If you have much spare time, then choose the 3-Disc Plan by which you can get 3 DVDs/Blue-rays at a time.

NOTE : You need to return the DVDs/Blue-ray disks that you have taken, if you want to get the next set of DVDs/Blue-ray disks. Streaming service and DVD service are 2 independent services and you can choose your suitable service.

How to Subscribe for Netflix Plans

Method 1: If you have any compatible device (except tablets and smart phones) for Netflix service, then all you need is a good internet connection. Just go through below link and complete your Sing Up and enter your card details. You will get 1 month free-trial after that you will be charged automatically. So, if you don’t want to avail Netflix service after 1 month, do not forget to cancel your account.

Subscribe here :

Check the list of compatible devices here : Compatibile devices for Netflix services

Method 2: If you have any tablet and smart phone, all you need to do is install Netflix app from play store and do the same as mentioned in Method 1

Download Netflix app here : Google Playstore [4.4/5, 40,83,004 user ratings]


Though, Netflix is the dominant player in the entertainment industry, it doesn’t mean it has no competition at all. Since its inception, Netflix had faced competition from some of the emerging players back then. It has complete domination in USA but it is not the case in other countries. Netflix has been facing tough competition in many countries from local competitors. To mention a few Quickflix, Infinity, Sky Online, Showmax, Starz Play Arabia, and Amazon Instant Video are the local competitors for Netflix in their respected countries. Besides with all the competition, Netflix retaining its never ending craze and demand across the globe. Netflix Plans are discussed here.


Finally, you are at the end of exploring world’s leading entertainment service provider. We believe you got the overall knowledge about Netflix plans and its features as a whole. Hope this article is informative and would help you in your buying decision. We nowhere mentioned about the disadvantages associated with Netflix because you don’t find any of them.Netflix plans are discussed here.

You may somewhere find a dead fish but remember that you are in an ocean. Whatever way, we are not intentionally exaggerated anything about Netflix. In fact, the number 100 Million subscribers explains everything. If you have any queries regarding anything associated with Netflix, please feel free to comment below. Share our article with your entertainment loving friend if you find it useful. Do subscribe for more interesting informative articles. Netflix is a paid streaming service provider (worth for what you pay)


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